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the financial cliff. the emergency issue locally. the news starts right now. >> with and i and hd. this is abc 7 nbreaking news. >> a flight emergency lead to some tense moments on the united flight that was headed there. an unruly passenger on 662 from denver did not follow the instructions of the flight attendant, causing the emergency on board. passengers say that the passenger was yelling. he would not sit at his seat. >> they had to restrain him -- his hands and legs. there was a pilot flying [inaudible] he went back there and held him
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down while we landed. >> their questions as to whether fighterour calls to tsa who has not been returned. one person is being monitored but it is not clear if it is the unruly passenger. on to our other top story of the night. a maryland family's heartbreak and frustration. a father will likely lose his life because of a straight race. loved ones pray for merkel. the driver that puthospital remains on police. >> marlin orleano was struck on the road. we talked with hisfamily members. >> condition is deteriorating. he is describe whatd as a hard- working father. he was left blank in the street
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in broad daylight. they believe someone has seen something. he is in intensive care in critical condition fighting for his life. the family and friends keeping vigil. >> it is hard to see him in a bad. -- a bed not moving or anything. >> we pray to god that he pulls through. it is touch and go right now. >> saturday, october 20 near the university -- a near university and riggs rd. a car struck him and kept going. >> they had him -- h it him and run -- hit him and run. i am going to tell them that my cousin is about to die. >> that day oriana had just gotten off work. he was sending money home to
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support his daughter and mother. his girlfriend is three months pregnant. >> i am angered that the culprits are not brought to justice a they are still out there. >> one of the witnesses is asked to call prince george's county. they are looking for gold colored sedan, most likely a honda. >> we have some dramatic video coming into the newsroom. from prince georges county where a glendale man was hospitalized after a house fire. it was in the 7800 block of northern ave. he suffered burns to his upper body but is in good condition at a local hospital. >> we're learning more about the first plans to cut back spending if the federal government reaches that so- called fiscal cliff. bob mcdonnell has emerged --
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ordered emergency cuts and we're learning the specifics that could impact many of you at home. we have the late breaking developments. >> the governor has given virginia state agencies until november 21 to come up with a plan to cut 4% from their budgets. many say that it seems the governor is trying to get ahead of the gridlock that remains in a capitol hill. it comes at a cost. at city market in arlington, sue is sing 80% of your business from state and federal employees. the business just barely getting by. >> we have hard times. businesses are not doing too well ready. >> the governor is ordering all state agencies to find a way to trim 4% from her budget. her first thought is the trickle-down. >> if government lays people off, we will have less customers and we will be really in trouble. >> the directive is a pre- emptive measure as fears over
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the fiscal cliff grow. there's seven weeks before tax increases and spending cuts go into effect but details released by omb painted different picture. if congress failed to act, the economy would shrink by 0.5 of 1% and send the unemployment rate soaring to 9.1%. it is something both sides hope to avoid but has not figured out how. >> raising taxes is unacceptable. it could not even pass the house. i'm not sure will pass the senate. >> state agencies are given two weeks to work on their plan to trim 4% and that is plenty of time. >> the problem is not so much how much money they have but how they manage it. >> hockessin 10 delhomme -- of this impending cliff, president obama plans to address americans.
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>> their lines forming for those who want to take his job. and dancing that you make s second attempt to become governor of virginia. he was known for running president clinton's campaign. he ran for governor in 2000 and at last to -- but lost. >> tonight, the man responsible for shooting former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is facing seven life sentences in a federal courtroom. jared loughner as giffords and her husband nmark kelly were in the courtroom. he read a statement.
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kelly spoke to diane sawyer. >> what did you see as you scared in his eyes and what was that for you? >> i saw certainly has major mental illness. but also somebody that knew where he was and why he was there. >> kelly said he was incredibly proud of his wife were staying strong and through this entire experience. laughner avoid the death sentence. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg has issued a gas rationing plan because of persistent long lines drivers have endured. this plan allows drivers to get gas every other day. this comes after new jersey gov. chris christie enacted a similar plan and it cut down waiting times at gas stations significantly. we have also learned that
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madison square garden will hold a special concert next month to benefit those affected by sandy. it will be called 12-12-12. >> still to come, get ready for a big traffic mr. r morning if you live in montgomery county. we will tell you the unconventional reason why. >> we are riding along with state authorities as a crackdown on a smuggler you have not thought of but has huge profits for back guys. --
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>> have an exclusive look at a crackdown on smuggling you may have not thought of. >> we're talking about cigarette smuggling. it cost the state billions. taxes on cigarettes are substantially lower in virginia that in maryland. the staggering amount of money
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people are making breaking the law. >> there are suspects behind you. >> we're with undercover investigators as they close in on a suspected smuggler. these cops are after untaxed cigarettes what we have is a trunkful of illegal cigarettes, curtain after curtain. >> you see why cigarette smuggling is big bucks. 118 curtains received here. the difference in taxes between virginia and new york city, $55.50 a carton. about $6,500 in profit for potential smuggler. >> cigarette smuggling is as lucrative or more lucrative than smuggling drugs or guns. >> sean benedict handled several cases in our region. the scope of the problem is into the billions of dollars with big organized crime and groups with links to terrorists cashing in.
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atf agents stop to this town car in richmond loaded down with 1800 curtains. >> the more organized they get we have seen these links of human smuggling. -- to links to human smuggling and weapons. >> this will end up here within an evidence room. >> the profit is so large it makes people want to do it. >> this couple is likely catering to a small group of clients. the penalties are not high. these two will get a fine. >> with huge profits that is not enough. >> my opinion, probably. we often get repeat customers. >> interesting.
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you learn something new every day. a well-known celebrity is diagnosed with cancer. >> she is talking and we will have the latest on her prognosis. >> the famous actress is in town to make a movie but the production around it caused a huge traffic jam in montgomery county and it could tomorrow. we will tell you what to watch out for. >> it is another cold night cold morning and
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>> "dancing with the stars" co- host brooke bart is undergoing surgery for cancer. her doctor discovered a novel for cancer. it was found to be cancerous. doctors say she is expected to make a complete recovery. she did post on your blog that she will have in her words, a nice big scar across her neck. >> it will be a gorgeous car. >> sending your well wishes.
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>> also the traffic was not bad enough in montgomery county, an unusual sight is causing headaches. >> this is happening on river road near norton in potomac. you can blame judy dench for the tieup. you need to explain this one. >> it is not often you can blame her for traffic tieups. rubbernecking caused a big delay. this is central popotomac. the traffic jam started there and reportedly went miles all the way up to the northwest. police are warning you might want to avoid this area because it could happen again and it affected an awful lot of people. >> the traffic was terrible. i could not get to work. >> the site of these production
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occurs and police near the saints peter and paul church on river road cause big time rubbernecking delays. >> when trevor. it was ridiculous. could not figure out what it was about. >> the cruise were not filming yet. some of their equipment needed to cross the road and that did not help matters. here's the bad news. they will be there tomorrow morning, too. >> comomorning rush-hour, are you going to avoid it? >> absolutely. >> this is abc movie with a famous actress judy ganesh -- bbc movie with judy dench. some people were angry that a movie would cause such a traffic mess. even some who were stuck in the traffic and not mind once they found out why. >> that is great, i cannot wait to see it. >> the movie is to be called -- they have been filming in the town of poolsville.
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judy dench is playing m in the new james bond movie that will open tomorrow night. >> she is fabulous, what can we say? >> keeping busy out there. >> bundle of tomorrow morning if they are doing it again. >> they need a break. what that have been through. it was a beautiful sunset. and we are losing more daylight every day. the temperature and side with the clear skies and dry air once again taking a tumble. 47 degrees. two weeks in a row with the average high temperature every day below average but that will change as we get into the weekend. look at the temperatures
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outside right now. 47 hear, 41 and 40's into winchester. this is what is left of the nor'easter trading can still see spin -- the nor'easter. you can still see the spin. there are some bands of snow up into the north country of maine. spots around bangor are catching it. nyc, the dow could news is no precipitation but look at the temperature. central park had a record amount of snow. not only for the day yesterday 4 inches or so but for the entire month of november. remember the veterans day storm had here? 31 degrees is the wind chill there. as we go through the next couple of days, and this pattern changes, look at the temperatures in the mid-part of the country. dallas at 71. it will be into a 60's as that
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area where the storm is moves off. and the jet stream reacts -- relaxes and moves to the north. as we go through next couple of days there goes that nasty ocean storm, i pressure begins to move to the south. the wind is turning to the southwest and some noticeably mild almost warm air comes our way. temperatures into the high 50's to around 60. looking into the west, into the mid 60's in nashville. when you get up tomorrow, it will be another cold morning with the sunrise at 6:45 a.m. bundle up, temperatures around germantown and gaithersburg into walden into the 20's. tomorrow afternoon, not quite as cold. the winds will be lighter and look as we head into sunday and
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when we celebrate veterans day. and thank every veteran. temperatures will be into the 60's. the mid- to the high 60's. >> a nice break. >> nice move. she was what you got. >> i do not have a whole lot. the terrapins are in new york to take on the defending national champions. we will hear from them. it was the running of the bulls in the mlf. bring on the finals. houston, you may have a problem. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actuallyly, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> let's starboard soccer. d.c. united has advanced to the easter conrn finals.
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the red bulls had the first real opportunity on the penalty kick. scored but no gold. -- goal. and made the save. a huge call. dc rallied. inside they go. and he scores, the game winner. and dc united will play houston sunday in the conference finals. let's go to state football. less than a minute to play. looks, throws, he is off to the races, 39 yards. 28-22, florida state wins it. our record in -- a heartbreaker in blacksburg. the terps had the two position.
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the guy who was the key to the season is the big fella from the ukraine. the seventh water. he has gotten stronger and speaks english now and understands the plays. he is the key. >> i hope he is not doing the kind of pressure because he does not need to. alex knows he is a big part of what we are doing ostensibly. and a big part of what we're doing defensively. i think all that helps. >> the nationals had an award. 25 home runs, adam laroche with inning the first gold glove. how about steven strasbourg?
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each won silver slugger awards. the nhl and players met again and the players offered two proposals and the sides are making some progress. there may be some hockey this year after all. >> there will be some hoc
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>> the keller williams support group held its annual fund- raiser. abc 7 he got $500 for a tour of the weather center. >> a nice purple spotlight right there. >> we hope this one is right because it looks really good. >> we need some mild weather. weit was milder here for the first time then over year. cooler on average for most of the country. 60's for the weekend. >>
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